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SMDL Policy Director Joins The Gold Exchange Podcast to Discuss Sound Money in the States

Posted on August 8th, 2023 in -

Jp Cortez, policy director of the Sound Money Defense League, joins Keith and Ben of The Gold Exchange Podcast to discuss sound money related legislative battles across the country in 2023, the constitutionality of money, and more.

[00:00:00]: Introduction to the importance of sound money
[00:00:56]: Introduction to the Sound Money Defense League and its mission
[00:02:07]: The history of the gold standard and its demise
[00:04:27]: Overview of the Sound Money Index and its criteria
[00:07:32]: The burdensome regulations on precious metals dealers
[00:09:02]: The impact of taxes and regulations on bid-ask spreads
[00:12:17]: Update on states removing sales tax on sound money purchases
[00:15:48]: Gold's increasing popularity in countries experiencing inflation
[00:20:19]: Progress and setbacks in passing sound money bills in various states
[00:22:48]: Political gamesmanship in Maine to prevent Republican win
[00:27:46]: Misunderstanding the value of gold
[00:29:34]: Taxing gold vs. exchanging currency
[00:32:03]: The battle against capital gains tax
[00:36:47]: States focusing on removing taxes on gold
[00:38:10]: The potential for federal legislation
[00:44:36]: The Ineffectiveness of Constitutional and Moral Arguments
[00:49:51]: Top 10 States for Sound Money Policies
[00:53:47]: Bottom 10 states on the Sound Money Index
[00:54:36]: How to advocate for sound money legislation
[00:58:33]: Gold, silver, or Bitcoin
[01:00:02]: Support the Sound Money Defense League
[01:01:04]: Monetary Metals