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VIDEO: President of Money Metals Exchange Joins Gold Standard Podcast to Discuss Sound Money Legislation

Posted on February 17th, 2023 in -

Stefan Gleason, President of Money Metals Exchange and the Sound Money Defense League, joins Keith Weiner on the Gold Exchange Podcast to discuss the success of sound money initiatives at the state level, a critical bill in consideration in Wyoming, and how you can help move sound money efforts forward in your state.

00:00-01:11 Introduction
01:11-01:50 Stefan Gleason
01:50-03:31 Landscape for Sound Money
03:31-05:53 States Level Opportunities
05:53-08:00 1,2,3, many
08:00-09:17 Gold Capital Gains
09:17-10:26 Gold Sales Tax
16:11-17:31 Solving Gold's Lack of Yield
17:31-18:55 Why Wall Street Hates Gold
18:55-21:31 The Warren Buffett Objection
21:31 Negative Real Returns
23:02-24:14 The Case for Gold Yield in Investment Portfolios
24:14-29:03 Gold Balance
29:03-30:11 Missouri
30:11-33:10 States Competing
33:10-36:53 Inflation vs Unemployment
36:53-44:02 Gold, Lenin, 2008
44:02-46:58 State vs Federal
46:58-49:47 How Citizens Can Help Win
49:47-51:19 How Politicians Can Help Win
51:19-53:11 Explaining The Gold Lease
53:11-54:52 Markets are Win-Win
54:52-58:03 How To Join the Fight
58:03-58:54 Ben Unemployed in 2024
58:54-59:33 Monetary Metals