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Left-Wing Republican Senator Blocks Idaho Gold Reserves Bill -- Earns "Statist of the Week" Award

Posted on April 20th, 2021 -

11-term Idaho Senator and Chairman of the Senate State Affairs Committee, Patti Anne Lodge, has chosen to unilaterally block a bill that gives the state the option to hold reserves in gold and silver, earning her the "Statist of the Week" Award from the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

House Bill 7 would not require the state to hold reserves in gold and silver, it would simply give the state treasurer the option to do so. America is more than 28 trillion dollars in debt and the federal money printing shows no signs of stopping. It would be prudent to protect state reserves with sound money. At the very least, it would be wise to allow state officials to do so if they deemed it appropriate.

Despite the bill passing out of the Idaho House of Representatives with overwhelming support, and despite acknowledging that she has received countless phone calls and emails from in-state supporters of the bill, the swamp-entrenched senator from Caldwell has instead decided to shirk her responsibility to the people of Idaho by singlehandedly deciding to kill the measure, putting state funds, and ultimately, state taxpayers, at risk.

img credit: Tamanoeconomico